Trevi Fountain in Rome

I like history.

And I like travelling.

So, why not talking about countries through their history? This is the Histourist, an adventure through destinations, often exotic as I am lucky enough to have the possibility to live for some period in many different countries. But it is also an adventure through history, as I will try to show you Romans aqueducts, ancient Asian temples, medieval European castles and colonialist heritages in Africa.

Do you want to know me a bit more? Here is what I think of some of the cities that I visited or where I lived.

Where I would like to spend my old age – Bordeaux

The highest restaurants per population ratio in France, good wine, a walkable city centre and cheap and excellent oysters.

The most romantic – Prague

Walking by night towards the castle in all those small alleys made me believe that I was living in a fairy tale.

The centre of the world – Jerusalem

The Western Wall in front of you. The Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque on top of Temple Mount. The Holy Sepulchre a few hundred meters on the side. I understand why some people come back from this city with the Jerusalem syndrome.

The regret – London

I lived there for one year, but I feel that I should move for five or six more years to fully understand it.

History – Rome

An open-air museum. I love Roman history. I am Italian. I think that it is enough to make of Rome my favourite city history wise.

The sexiest – Tel Aviv

Wonderful beach, amazing nightlife, multicultural, beautiful women and men. My Berlin on the Mediterranean.

Beautiful – Sevilla

No words to describe Triana, la Giralda and the whole city. Wonderful people and friends. I do not understand why I still did not move there!

Where I need to go – MontrĂ©al

I have to watch a game of the Habs at the Bell Centre, full stop.